Turning the Tide….




This photo was taken by a parent at one of our first TREASURE Weekends Away, at Dalesdown where we hold these events.

Turning the Tide is a charity run by Christians who long for a turning of the tide for good in people’s lives, especially those of the young. We recognise the importance of children and family in society, together with the need and the potential for different generations to bless each other.

Whilst many in our various Teams are Christians, we reach out to all, those of any faith and of no faith. We do not seek to promote religion or any church through our events but our Teams work relationally, simply undergirded by Christian values and prayer. We always aim to reinforce identity and belonging, and we focus on each person’s potential.

We seek to empower young people, wherever and in whatever ways we can. We want to be there for the vulnerable and to support all those enduring mental health challenges.

We actively promote family, believing they are the building blocks of society. We seek to be inclusive, recognising that families come in different shapes and sizes and that every individual is much loved!

Turning the Tide, UK

Registered Charity Number: 1122935

TTT’s main project – TREASURE – from a child’s perspective:

At TREASURE – Everyone is special