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Supported by two other Trustees currently and fifteen to twenty volunteers, Turning the Tide is run by it’s founders, Jon and Beccy Bebb. All of the Trustees and nearly all of the volunteers are Anglicans and so support the Church of England, through the charity’s work and in their membership of their churches. 

Jon and Beccy both share God’s love for children and youth. They have been working with young people in schools and in churches (mainly in the Church of England) for all their married lives (over forty years). 

They set up Turning the Tide in January 2005 and both are employed by TTT. Since 2012 they have been led to  work especially with young families, encouraging them and supporting them through the charity’s main project – ‘TREASURE‘.

Jon and Beccy are currently working to develop a partnership between TTT and their church (St. Matthias in Brighton) to help them (and potentially any new staff) with TREASURE. The aim of this is to enable the project to expand, so that more families can be supported, through the increase in the amount of pastoral care able to be offered and in the number of weekends away organised

Beccy and Jon met as teenagers at a church youth group in Brighton and soon discovered something amazing – they were both born in the same hospital (in Nairobi, Kenya)!


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