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Turning the Tide….what we do….


We work primarily with children and families. An example of this is our ‘TREASURE’ project – organising residential and non-residential events for families who otherwise often don’t have holidays, to give them a break and some Christian input.

Our ‘TREASURE Weekends Away’, which have been running for over ten years now, are for families with children of primary school age.

We’ve also developed a ‘TREASURE 12+’ project, for families with children of twelve years and older.

A quote from one of our TREASURE volunteers, from an older age group: “Folks ask me about my time at the TREASURE Weekend; I have told them that, for me, it was the happiest, most wonderful experience of my life, witnessing such harmony, with families interacting with each other.”

We also work in primary and secondary schools, seeking to encourage children and young people, to remind them of their value and to tell them of God’s love for them

We support work amongst children and teenagers at local and national events

We encourage prayer generally and facilitate children to pray

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Turning the Tide, UK

Registered Charity Number: 1122935