Feedback from TREASURE Weekend Away October 2021

Feedback from the families included the following:

“Every moment is a moment to Treasure!”

“Just keep doing what you do! You are always there if we need encouragement and prayer. We are so grateful to have you in our lives!”

TREASURE is so important to my son and I – like a little piece of heaven and we don’t want it to end!”

“For me, I was chilled and laid back this time. I’m so used to running around all the time. It was as though Father God was whispering to me, “Just relax, all is well. For my son, it was in learning to cast his cares. He experienced a real sense of freedom and peace when he could manage this.”

TREASURE is a time of reflection, refreshing, family and fellowship. A time to love and be loved, and a time to appreciate and be appreciated.”

“Our family’s best moment was when we prayed together.”

“At TREASURE I feel refreshing and rest from everyday life.”

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