Feedback on previous events from TREASURE Families – Archive


“Folks ask me about my time at the TREASURE Weekend; I have told them that, for me, it was the happiest, most wonderful experience of my life, witnessing such harmony with families interacting with each other”

“Thank you…it was lovely to have time together as a family – just to be and to enjoy each other with no pressure from a ‘to do’ list. At the end of the weekend my husband said to me, ‘Do you realise, we’ve had a whole weekend without having to say, “Hurry up”!’”

“Thank you so much for inviting us on such an amazing experience. It truly has been one of the most beautiful and enriching times in our lives”

“Thank you both for getting us all away and giving us such a wonderful time together as a family”


“Such a relaxing and peaceful weekend! Thank you so much”

“We really appreciate your openness and willingness to listen to and value what we bring, in an affirming way”

“We have really appreciated all the attention to detail and careful consideration in all aspects of the weekend”

“It’s so great to have known you this year – one of the best things in our lives in 2015!”


“Words cannot express our gratitude; we have been so blessed by the TREASURE Weekend”

“During and following on TREASURE, all our faith has again been awakened”

“I was in a very dark place and alone, since then I’ve had so many people there for us… it all started with you two inviting us to TREASURE when we were literally alone in the world, I’ll never forget your kindness”

“This is the sort of weekend where you make life-long friends”


Another Mum told us it wasn’t until last June’s TREASURE that she fully understood that God really loved her. That perfect love has transformed her and her son.

She told us, “I have felt loved and accepted, part of a family. I love how open I felt and I just felt really special”

“We feel lifted and loved. It was perfect”

“I felt a lot more peaceful away from everything that’s going on at home”

Beccy was recommended to phone a potential new Mum. “I began to describe TREASURE and she burst into tears… so grateful to be invited, so desperate to be touched by God… I prayed with her. There are so many more Mums out there like her, desperate to know they’re loved”


“I left feeling loved, calm and peaceful”

“We spent time all together as a family; we never do that!”

“I felt overwhelmed by the love from the other families and the Team”

“I’ve been given peace, calm and a refreshing time”

“I’m less isolated, more supported; I feel loved”

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