Feedback from our TREASURE Weekend Away in June 2019

Our fifteen-year-old young leader sent us this text before the event:

“I love being a part of the amazing things you do for families so I don’t mind giving my time up at all. I want to thank you for the wonderful opportunity you have given me to help as a young leader at treasure.

“I can’t wait for the next treasure in the summer and I’m certain it will be a spectacular weekend (as it always is) spreading the message of love and having a calm weekend for families.”

His Mum then sent us:

“Have an amazing weekend! You all are so fantastic and create such positive, life changing opportunities. You put in so much time and effort – my son loves being a part of it all.”

Feedback from the families included the following:

“It was unexpected how much I felt loved and supported by everyone”

“Treasure has been so good for my son and me – healing with support and love from strangers who now feel like family”

“There is a real sense of release and freedom”

“It has been lovely connecting with everyone and has really helped my Mum to be so much more open and happy.”

“Your love and care for all of us has been amazing”

“Treasure has helped show me how things have moved on for my son and me”

“You are good friends”

A Mum said, “It’s been so relaxing, not having to do any chores”

One of our Team told us when we met with her a month after the event, “The theme this Treasure has been particularly helpful to me. Every day I have been reminded that ‘Love is always there’”

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